Unplanned Pregnancy – Transforming Chaos Into Confidence

“I came in not knowing what to expect. I felt so comfortable. I got great advice. I appreciate the ladies at Bella .” – AW

An unplanned pregnancy holds so much unknown. Uncertainty often leads to fear, apprehension and frustration. The staff at Bella are trained to reduce stress in order to aid our patients in making the best-informed decision for themselves. A decision motivated by fear may not reflect what a woman truly desires. It is our mission at Bella to provide a comfortable and non-judgemental environment for all women facing unexpected pregnancy.

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Abortion in Ohio – Your Right To Choose

Today the internet makes it incredibly easy to search for abortion clinics in Ohio and have a list at your fingertips in mere seconds. The hard part really comes next. Where in the world is a person supposed to start on that list? There are a number of things to consider here. How far away is each clinic? How quickly can you obtain an appointment? Do the costs associated with the appointment and the procedures differ between facilities? Are there hidden agendas or financially motivating factors harbored by any of the clinics? Are the people nice, or is it a scary, cold and sterile experience on the other end of that weblink? The search can quickly turn into a daunting task. We are here to shed light on some of those gray areas in order to make this process a little less stressful.

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Why STI Testing Before an Abortion is Important

When considering an abortion, it is imperative to have STI/STD testing beforehand. In the absence of symptoms, it is easy to render this an unnecessary step; however, sexually transmitted infections may be present in what is known as a latent phase (there are no current symptoms). The consequences of proceeding with an abortion in the presence of an STI, whether active or latent, can be long-lasting and detrimental to your reproductive health. Moving forward with an abortion before treatment can spread bacteria from the vagina to the uterus. Pelvic Inflammatory disease can result from the spread of bacteria and may lead to future issues including, but not limited to, fallopian tube obstructions, chronic pelvic pain, bleeding during intercourse, ectopic pregnancies (pregnancies occurring outside of the uterus), and infertility.

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Abortion Screening: What to Expect

Oftentimes news of an unexpected pregnancy can turn our worlds upside down. When the timing is less than convenient, stress can begin to take over. Inevitably, stress and uncertainty cloud the picture rendering it difficult to make sound decisions. As these decisions will impact your future, we want to help reduce the stress so that you can see clearly. Here at Bella, we offer abortion screening for every pregnant woman who is interested.

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Real-Life Wonder Women

Figure 1: Gal Gadot in “Wonder Woman” (image from Warner Bros. Pictures)

DC’s new film Wonder Woman has been a box-office hit, grossing $100.5 million its opening weekend (making it the biggest-ever opening for a female director!), and for good reason. This version of Wonder Woman is an inspiring superhero, showing strength, love, and forgiveness. But did you know that her actress, Gal Gadot, is a powerhouse in real life, as well?

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